Hello Team, Welcome to this week’s Diversity Blast.


This week there is a focus on the impact of the government shut down. I am also trying to cut down on the number of articles included, so there is a great concentration on the ones provided. If you find that this smaller concentrated dose of diversity is not enough for you, please visit:







Race/Class/Government Shutdown: Government shutdown, a social breakdown. So incredible. A must read for all Americans: http://m.aljazeera.com/story/201310491015764779

^ Probably my favorite article this week. You can’t skip this one.



Race/Government Shutdown: Another great article that discusses the disproportionate negative impact of the government shutdown on communities of color.

http://m.colorlines.com/archives/2013/10/how_the_government_shutdown.html  (Shout out to Brynn for both of these articles)



Race/Education/Hispanic Heritage Month: The conversation around the pressure Hispanics with Academic Credentials face in their own profession and serving as a role model in the Hispanic community. Great article that was shamelessly stolen from Harry Lopez’s facebook.




Transgender/Students/Homecoming: In honor of national coming out week (which is this week), a Transgender student is voted Homecoming King. Just a little taste of positivity for you J




Sexuality/Teachers/Documentary: Warning- this is incredibly upsetting to watch, but is so important to watch. This student who was going through the coming out process, was given an IEP to help diminish his expression as a gay student, and was murdered by another student. The clips from the documentary focus on the reactions from his teachers and the community to this event.


As educators, it is especially important that we all be aware of this. Please read^



Women/Rape/Fraternities: Another embarrassing email leak that provides some startling and scary insight into the mind of today’s college student.




Crime/Tennessee/Education: Apparently Tennessee now tops the country as the most dangerous state, due in large part to our own city. The article cites education as a cause. This one hits a little close to home.






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