October 1, 2013

Happy Tuesday and Welcome to this week’s Diversity Blast!

Hopefully this blast will offer a slight distraction from the overwhelming topic of the federal government literally shutting down.




The death of a young man shot by police officers that emphasizes the role of stereotypes and “whistling Vivaldi”


(Shout out to Brian for this one!)



Race/Employment Discrimination

“Before I could even pull out my resume or start a formal interview, she was telling me all this negative stuff — she couldn’t hire me because I was black, I would scare away her customers.”




Gender/Body Image

NYC Mayor Bloomberg launches campaign to boost girl’s self-esteem. The campaign involves lots of publicity around the tagline “I’m beautiful the way I am”—-because that is the most important thing for young girls to hear. Yes you are beautiful, and that is still the most important defining characteristic because you are a woman.  



Feminism/Pop Culture

Natalie Portman takes on the conversation of feminism and strong women in Hollywood.





A New Jersey Transwoman was murdered recently. Most media outlets are refusing to use the correct gender pronouns to discuss the tragedy, adding insult to injury.




Issues no one seems to be talking about this week:

  • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • The effect of the Government shut down on low income communities
    • Literally the google doodle is evidence of the great national concern of the closing of all our national parks, but I haven’t seen any articles discussing the serious detriment this could cause. Is it too scary? Did I miss it somewhere?

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