Articles: Week of 9/16/2013

There are lots of fascinating conversations going on this week to get plugged into.

We have articles touching on topics like the new Miss America (an Indian-American woman from NY), the decades-old and still-present ban on gay male blood donors, a white woman who decided to join the Maasi tribe, and some articles about the recent sorority scandal at ‘Bama. 

Is an article missing that you really enjoy? Do you have some burning thoughts, questions, or comments as you read these? KEEP THIS CONVERSATION GOING by posting these articles, ideas, and questions in the comments section!


Articles dealing with issues of race/racism


Articles dealing with issues of misogyny, sexuality, or non-normative gender expression


Other interesting articles


3 thoughts on “Articles: Week of 9/16/2013

  1. I really appreciated hearing about this scandal around the girl with dreadlocks and the outpouring of love she got in response. I did a little more research on the situation after reading the article included in the blast. I think it’s fascinating that this all went down at a charter school (which really connects this to our work) and makes me think of the importance of CRT. Wonder how the school is going to respond to all of this!

    • Totally agree re: CRT! I cannot believe that a school serving students of color (or any students, really) would dismiss afros, dreads, etc… as “faddish!” It really drives home that organizations, we MUST be as tuned-in as possible to the history and norms of the myriad of cultures our community embraces.

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