Articles: Week of 8/27/2013

There is a lot going on this week as far as commemorating the 50 year anniversary of the March on Washington, stymied school shootings, Women Equality Day and trans activism.

Is an article missing that you really enjoy? Do you have some burning thoughts, questions, or comments as you read these? KEEP THIS CONVERSATION GOING by posting these articles, ideas, and questions in the comments section! 


Articles dealing with issues of racism

Articles dealing with issues of misogyny, sexuality or non-normative gender expression

Other interesting articles

2 thoughts on “Articles: Week of 8/27/2013

  1. Hi friends. After reading the piece (and others like it) on Miley and thinking about JT and Robin Thicke, I am left grappling with some big questions, and I would love to hear some of your thoughts: when does cultural appreciation become appropriation? How can we write and talk about cultural appropriation without falling down the slippery slope of making sweeping generalizations about communities and racial/ethnic groups? And in the cases of some white rappers, where do we separate a street culture found in many low-income urban areas that transverses race (though is still deeply rooted in racism) with racist appropriation and minstrel antics?

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